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What is career counselling?

Best Career Counselling in India is how a person getting counselling from a qualified counsellor helps you find better career options, guide you on the right path in your career, and help you choose the best career.

Everybody should have career development in their lives, everyone wants to succeed in their particular field or career. For proper career development and to achieve success in their career, you must have to do appropriate career counselling sessions from an expert. Career counselling is a process in which one gets to know about themself, their interest, and the world of work to make wise educational, career and life decisions.

Career Counselling in Meghalaya

Counselling is a wide term. Counselling means providing help and guiding people by finding a solution to the problem faced by the individual. Counselling will be provided by professionals and experienced mentors who have good knowledge about human behaviour, human attitude, personality, career counselling, and how to give you the right path or direction in your life. In a situation of confusion and uncertainty in life, you can reach a counsellor for better counselling.

Best Career Counsellor Meghalaya

How is Career Counselling in Meghalaya done?

Students and their parents usually find themselves in confusion when it comes to choosing a career. One of the reasons behind this is too many career selection options. One can choose from the options available in different streams. However, students with a lack of knowledge and advice end up choosing the wrong ones. This is where the need for career counselling in Meghalaya arises. Mere Mentor, the leading service offering career counselling in Meghalaya, ensures that every student seeking advice from them gets the right path. With our multiple products and services, we customize our counselling to meet up the needs of students.

In this age of globalization, it becomes easy for students to choose from so many options, but at the same time is also confusing. At Mere Mentor, the leading career counselling in Meghalaya, we ensure students get the best experience while taking the guidance.

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Our expert team undertakes different career assessment tests and conducts face-to-face sessions helping to know more about students’ ability and skill. We offer both online & offline career assessments for the best assistance. This makes Mere Mentor the best career counselling in Meghalaya.

Need of Career Counselling in Meghalaya

Career Counselling in Meghalaya helps individuals in building career and academic paths for the brilliant way forward for the people. The simplest career counselling in Meghalaya will eventually help a student evaluate the abilities, interests, and way to groom vital skills and overcome challenges and obstacles.

  • Career Counselling in Delhi helps to guide an individual in defining their skills and interests by employing efficient planning, interviews, and aptitude assessments.
  • Career Counselling & Career Counselling in Bangalore enhances the people's soft and hard skills and helps them become individual learners.
  • Career Counselling in Meghalaya helps people overcome challenges that might successively undermine their success and academic growth.
  • Best Career Counselling in Bangalore helps to build a roadmap for individuals who can help them reach their career objectives.
Career Counsellor in Meghalaya

First tech-based career counselling in Meghalaya

There is a lack of self-understanding, goal setting abilities and personal planning among students, which result in demoralized work attitude and limited work efficiency due to lack of interest when they enter the workplace.

Hence, career counselling platforms are remedial or advisory services for students when they need to make a subject or career choice. Several technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning are coming up to provide support to users in making choices during career planning in accordance with their interests, capabilities, and orientation.

What makes us unique as the Best Career Counsellor in Meghalaya?

One of the reasons that make the Mere Mentor the best career counselling in Meghalaya is the experience our counsellors hold. We hire counsellors only after proper assessment and their rich experience. We also help students to connect with industry experts as role models. This will help students to know the complete insight about career and how they can succeed in the same.

To add more, we offer guidance on loan and scholarship for students in Meghalaya who are keen on going for higher studies. Today, more and more students are seeking higher studies and are moving overseas.

Our well-trained counsellors will help such students to get a complete insight into overseas studies and lg tv other aspects. We are really happy to assist students in getting into the right path, and we turned out to be the best career counselling in Meghalaya.

Elements of Best career counselling in Meghalaya

Qualified Career Counsellor

The quality of career counselling in Meghalaya and its effectiveness on every specific individual will depend on how much experience and qualified the counsellors are. Counsellors who help individuals with their career issues should be qualified enough and have good sound knowledge of career counselling and human behaviour.

Secure Environment

While getting career counselling, if the student or the individual get a secure environment, your counselling will become more effective, which will help you a lot to make yourself successful in your career. For effective and impactful counselling, a secure environment is really important.

Confidence and Trust for Good Counselling

Success in a career will fully depend on how effective your career counselling in Meghalaya is, and the effectiveness of career counselling is completely dependent on how much confidence and trust between counsellor and counselee have.

Relevant Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Testing (Career Assessment) is a scientific and standardized process carried out to evaluate a person’s aptitude and personality. Psychometric assessments are our tools, which are used to obtain the essential information about a student’s behaviour, emotional strength, interests, and skills. This information helps to facilitate what kind of careers would be suitable for him/her.

Testimonials on Career Counselling in Meghalaya

Career Counsellor Meghalaya

"The entire experience of counselling was mind blowing. I took the Career evaluation test as I had a confusion regarding which degree to pursue; but including that I also got answers regarding many deadlocks that existed in life. I realized a lot about my personality and myself which in turn helped me realize my main aim. The test was amazing and interactive. It was unique and fun, especially the one for personality tests. The counselling session was detailed and I learned a ton of stuff."

From Piyush Nagasubramaniam
Best Career Counselling in Meghalaya

“Counsellor was very warm and explained the report really well and overall, it was a great unique experience. The report is very informative which my counsellor provided and I personally liked the inclusion of the analysis of which type of “learning suits the person better”. The report after the counselling helps me understand and improve in my process of learning. We had approached the counselling in Meghalaya for my elder sister’ career

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test too, this time as well it was a satisfying and unique experience.”

From Dr Aditi Mane
Best Career Counselling Meghalaya

“The session was really helpful for me and I also got a glimpse of what I can possibly become in the future. Everything was explained very well and in detail, all concepts and my doubts were clear. My choice and all the suggestions were also taken care of. All my passions, likes, dislikes, skills, habits and more were kept in mind while making all the decisions by the skilled counsellor. They made it very clear and specific about the areas of interest keep on changing and keeping this in mind I

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was happy with the career which was selected for me. I had a great time sharing my personality and feelings. I realised a few things that will help me ahead and I need to work on. I am really thankful as it was a very efficient session.”

From Prisha Goenka

Frequently Asked Question

Why is Career Planning and Guidance important? Does Career Guidance make a difference?

Your career is totally your responsibility. Career planning and guidance help one to develop a set of career goals, strategy and options based on your aptitude, interests, personality, skills and values. Once you have a plan and proper guidance, you will be equipped to self-manage your career and take advantage of changes in the economy and job market rather than becoming a victim of change. Your career decisions will definitely dramatically impact your lifestyle. Your occupation will determine where you live, your income, your work hours, your travels, job security, your choice of work associates and friends, and how you spend your leisure time.

What information does Career Guidance provide?

Career Guidance will advise you about:

  • your career planning strategy
  • how to find the information you need
  • how to get around obstacles.
  • how to go about planning your current and long-term education and training.
What is the need for a Career Assessment Test?

Every student faces the dilemma of choosing the most suitable career for himself/herself. Career Assessment is a test that is based on scientific methods and guidance that helps students and their guardians in self-evaluation. Students can make better career choices, based on the reports. Teachers also get valuable information for guiding students.